Sunday, September 18, 2011

Thanks again...

Thanks to B&H First Stop, Rosies, Eastport Drugs, Co-op, Red & White & Squires & Esso for allowing our collection jars to be displayed at your business's over the summer. As a result, we have raised a total of $662.50! Thanks also to Monica Bull for collecting the jars and counting all that loose change and to the public, for yet again your neverending generosity! :-)
Thank you to Gord and Mae Ward of Glovertown who are kindly lending us the use their portable welding machine to be used for the pre-build preparation work. This is a great contribution and will allow us to have two welders working side by side to complete our work faster! Thank you! :-)
A very kind thank you to the family of Redvers 'Red' Parsons who have donated $300 to cover the costs of the Memory Wall Display Sign to be placed in our park. The sign will be dedicated in Loving Memory of their father Red Parsons. Thank you very much for your generosity and thoughtfulness. 
Donations recieved over the weeknd:
  • Thank you to Rhonda King who donated an array of beautiful jewelery which was auctioned off at the concert Saturday night past. In total, $165.00 was rasied for our playground and park. Thanks to the lucky bidders for purchasing these lovely items!
  • Thank you to Mike Sinnicks for his generous doantion of $500 to our playground and park!
  • Brittany Brown made a $50 donation in Loving Memory of her dear grandfather, Andrew Brown. Thank you Brittany.
Thank you to all for your generous doantions and support! See you all Saturday!!! :-)